Project Description

This Toyota dealership has a big community presence and customers come back time and time again, generation after generation, cousins, friends, local groups, etc. to bring referral business to their dealership. Also, Toyota of Whittier is not located – conveniently – off any freeway. To get to Whittier you have to drive about 4 miles or so inland. We took their word “community” back to our team and that started the basis of our involvement.

Be Involved And Make Things Happen

We decided that they needed to have a blog that would incorporate things they are doing and promoting their local messages to the community.

The first goal of theirs to be found “organically” via Google was using the words or phrase “oil change coupon Whittier.” The owner said, “We don’t come up on the top anywhere for oil change.” Service departments for dealerships are important to bringing back customers and increase the longevity of cars for consumers using genuine parts.

In less than a month we had this business on the top pages of Google and YouTube doing our “magic.”

Within about 10 days we got them to page 1 of Google and YouTube and used the YouTube Channel name “Carmmunity.” Also, notice, would you most likely click on something on Google that has a photo versus text only?  

YouTube 84
Blog 70
Videos 76